Warriors Win The NBA Title And Usher In A New Age Of Basketball In The NBA

This blog is a Redwood City blog and I know that the Warriors are not the Redwood City Warriors.  But today, all of the Bay Area, Redwood City included, basks in the glow of the Warriors’ championship.  All of us are proud of our NBA team and are thrilled with what they have accomplished.  So today I’m writing about our Warriors and I hope that I’ll be doing it again next year.

warriors trophy

And I do believe I’ll be writing about the Warriors again next year.  Not only are they the champions of the NBA, they are the envy of the NBA, and not just because they wear the crown.  They are young, very talented and very deep. But, most importantly, they represent a new paradigm for the game of basketball.  As Gary St. Jean said last night, they play “positionless basketball.”  Today, while the Warriors celebrate, the the managements of the other teams in the league, the smart ones anyway, are in their conference rooms discussing how to build a team that plays the new style of basketball for which t the Golden State Warriors are the prototype.

Interestingly, that style isn’t new.  Just new to the NBA.  It was fitting that in Coach Steve Kerr’s very first acknowledgement, moments after the final buzzer, his first thank you went to Lute Olson, his college coach at Arizona.  The style of ball the Warriors play is pretty much the style that Lute Olson’s Arizona Wildcats played when Kerr played there.  Arizona won the NCAA championship playing it.  Lute Olson played it when he coached at Long Beach State, when he coached at Iowa and when he coached at Arizona.  Now Steve Kerr is playing it at Golden State.  And like his old mentor Lute Olson, he wins.

But he also wins because he has personnel that are tailor made for that style.  Nobody else in the league can claim that combination.  Nobody.  That’s why I believe we will all be celebrating again next year.  And that’s why every smart NBA management team is hard at work this morning, trying to figure how they too can move their teams into the new age of NBA basketball that the Warriors have ushered in.

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