Do You Know the Value of Homes in Your Redwood City Neighborhood?

I just finished creating an update on the 2014 year end property values for the Woodside Plaza neighborhood of Redwood City.  Once again, everything is up, year over year.  Here’s the full update.  Click on the image for a higher resolution view.

Microsoft Word - 2014 Q4 Plaza Update

I have reports in this format for every neighborhood in Redwood City.  They are different than any report you have ever seen, regardless of source.  I’ll show you the average price, the median price, the price per square foot and the days-on market average for your neighborhood.  I will show you the list price and the sale price.  I calculate the percentage of list price to sale price and the change in the median, year over year.  I have the numbers for every Redwood City neighborhood.  Other statistical reports break down property values by region or county or city.  Some of them break them down by zip code.  However in Redwood City there are three zip codes, but 14 neighborhoods.

If you would like the report for your neighborhood, click on the “Neighborhood Values” tab on the home page and click your neighborhood.  I’ll send you a detailed report.

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