I’m Jim Somers, herein known as the namesake of this website/blog, “The Redwood City Real Estate Guy.”

My short bio is that I’m an alumnus of the University of Iowa but I won’t date myself by telling you when I graduated. I’ve been licensed to sell real estate in California since 2001. I’m a refugee from the high tech world of Silicon Valley. I worked there for many years in outside sales, and for a few years on the inside, in manufacturing management.

But real estate is my game now and looking back over the past 13 years I can say with certainty that I should have made the move much earlier. There’s a huge difference between working with people on a business level and working with people on the very personal level that this profession requires, and I love it.

I joined Sequoia Realty Services in 2012. Sequoia is a small, boutique broker here in Redwood City. Before making the move, I worked at two of the giants of the brokerage business that I won’t name here. I came to Sequoia because of Sequoia’s absolute and unwavering commitment to Redwood City. It matches my own. You will see an occasional post here that compares our commitment to Redwood City to the non-commitment of other brokers. They might not like it, but they won’t deny it.

This blog is partly about real estate and a lot about Redwood City, the coolest and most dynamic city on the San Francisco Peninsula. I’ll be telling you a lot about why I believe that is an accurate description as I feature the people, places, events and countless virtues of this great city in my blog posts.

You should know that I don’t lack for opinion and I fully expect that some of you will disagree with me from time to time. That’s fine. It’s a big swimming hole with room for everyone. Let’s talk.